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Introductory Phase
Planning Phase
Retrieving Phase
Processing Phase
Exploring Phase
Sharing Phase
Implementation Review


The " Training and Guided Inquiry Professional Development Module" enables you to explore the power and potential of while developing a customized professional development plan for infusing multimedia materials into your literacy work.

Upon completion of this 90-minute program, you will receive a Certificate of Completion and a customized Implementation Plan that outlines specific steps for integrating multimedia into your instructional work with books.

View Certificate Sample

View Implementation Plan Sample

We hope that these documents presented to your administrators lead to professional development credit for the time spent learning and building this professional development plan.

This module is organized into six phases of Guided Inquiry, giving you the opportunity to utilize an inquiry research model while builidng your own lesson plans for the books being read in your school.

Important Note: This training may be completed incrementally or in one sitting. When you stop after saving any phase, you can continue where you left off when next signing back into the Training Module. will also email you reminder notices if you don't continue within a few weeks.

Enjoy, and please ask if I can be of any assistance.

Nick Glass, Founder & Executive Director,, (800) 596-0710

White Papers on Guided Inquiry

This module was developed thanks to the insight and personal guidance of many educators who specialize in Guided Inquiry and/or Professional Development. Two particularly relevant articles are available here with permission for educational, non-profit use: | | (800) 596-0710