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What Do You Do with a Tail Like This?
Caldecott Medal (Honor, 2004)
Zolotow Award (Commended, 2004)
Multimedia Resources: 17
Living Color
Orbis Pictus Award (Commended, 2008)
Multimedia Resources: 13
Vulture View
Geisel Award (Honor, 2008)
Multimedia Resources: 12
Actual Size
Orbis Pictus Award (Honor, 2005)
Multimedia Resources: 11
Life on Earth: The Story of Evolution
Orbis Pictus Award (Commended, 2003)
Multimedia Resources: 11
Hello Baby!
Zolotow Award (Commended, 2010)
Multimedia Resources: 11
Top of the World, The: Climbing Mount Everest
Orbis Pictus Award (Honor, 2000)
BGHB Awards (Winner, 1999)
Multimedia Resources: 10
Animals in Flight
Orbis Pictus Award (Commended, 2002)
Multimedia Resources: 10
Eye to Eye: How Animals See the World
Orbis Pictus Award (Commended, 2015)
Multimedia Resources: 10
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