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Deepen thought, understanding, and connections to the books read in your curriculum with these exclusive resources made by TeachingBooks.net.

Meet-the-Author Movies
Watch now
  • Filmed in the author/illustrator's home
  • Edited and projectable
  • Play these movies to have a virtual author visit anytime you want
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Meet-the-Author Movies
Meet-the-Author Book Readings
Phillip Hoose on
Listen now
  • Recorded with award-winning authors
  • Edited for classroom use
  • Play to learn insights about an author's purpose and craft
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Meet-the-Author Book Readings
Author Name Pronunciations
  • Listen to author/illustrator introductions
  • Learn correct pronunciations
  • Integrate recordings into podcasts, book trailers, and more
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Author Name Pronunciations

In-depth Written Interviews
  • Extensive conversations with favorite writers and illustrators
  • Use for author and biographical studies
  • Freely use in blogs, newsletters, etc.
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In-depth Written Interviews
Original Author Posts
  • Written by extraordinary authors
  • Reveals insights about book creation
  • Use to learn from professionals
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Original Author Posts
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About Resources Produced by TeachingBooks.net

In these resources...

Authors write about:

  • Writing
  • Journaling
  • Working with ideas
  • Doing research
  • Bringing history to life
  • Being a professional author

Illustrators reveal:

  • Diverse art techniques
  • Approaches to book design
  • Illustrating fiction and nonfiction
  • Being a professional illustrator

Our process for making these programs is quite involved. We...

  • Select the author to interview following our Collection Development Policy
  • Film or record the author using quality, but accessible, digital equipment
  • Produce the movie or recording, encoding it for easy web access
  • Distribute the resource on TeachingBooks.net
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