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Setup Information for the California K-12 Online Resources

Please fill out all fields so that Britannica, ProQuest, and TeachingBooks can setup district-wide access to these resources that are provided to all California schools via a California State Library educational initiative.

Basic Info

Provide IP addresses in one of three ways. Please separate ranges with commas. For example:

  1. Single address (e.g.
  2. Address range (e.g.,
  3. Address range in CIDR code (e.g.

Primary Contact


Note: A default username/password combination that is shared across all 3 resources will automatically be provided for all applicable databases. If a customized username/password combination is required, please contact each vendor using the contact information listed below.

District Details

General Questions

Mary Beth Barber, California State Library (916) 323-9758

Provider-specific Questions/Customizations

(800) 596-0710


(800) 521-0600 ext. 72971


(800) 621-3900 x 7160