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Introductory Phase - 15min
Planning Phase - 20min
Retrieving Phase - 15 min
Processing Phase - 30 min
Sharing Phase - 15 min
Implementation Review


Through five distinct phases of this self-guided training module, you will...

  • Enrich your literacy instruction with digital materials about the books and authors you are reading
  • Utilize an inquiry research model to develop an initial Literacy Implementation Plan for integrating TeachingBooks into your instructional work with books
  • Receive a Certificate of Completion for your professional growth portfolio
Important Note: This training can be completed incrementally or in one sitting. Save your work after any phase, and you can continue where you left off anytime.

Please contact the Professional Development team for assistance as needed.


-the TeachingBooks PD Team

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Professional Development Team

Mary Ellen Graf, Kym Davick, Val Edwards, Annette Smith
phone: (800) 596-0710

White Papers on Guided Inquiry

This module was developed thanks to the insight and guidance of many educators who specialize in Guided Inquiry and/or Professional Development. Several articles of particular relevance are cited here if you wish to explore them further to find concrete strategies for utilizing inquiry learning in instruction:

Published with permission: Callison, Daniel & Baker, K. (2014). Elements of information inquiry, evolution of models, & measured reflection. Knowledge Quest, 43(2), 18-24, 7. NOTE: the concepts of information inquiry found in this book are elaborated on in the book The evolution of inquiry: controlled, guided, modeled, and free. Callison, D. (2015). Santa Barbara, CA: Libraries Unlimited. | | (800) 596-0710