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April 2019 Edition

Awesome Professional Development

We love connecting readers to books. That's why on most days the TeachingBooks team is interviewing a favorite author, adding to our collection of audio performances and video book trailers for fantastic books, finding discussion questions that provide thoughtful comprehension, and so much more.

We also offer unlimited training and support — so that you can get the most out of our service to support your particular titles and instructional goals. All support is part of your license and is joyfully provided at no additional cost to any user.

Freely reach out to schedule a support phone call or request a complimentary webinar for your colleagues. You’ll also see in this newsletter an invitation to join our April 16th Reading Magic webinar. It will be a blast to illuminate resources that empower readers.

Thank you for all your support and belief in TeachingBooks. Always let us know how we can best help.

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Featured Booklist: We Are Kid Lit Summer Reading List 2019

Enjoy this curated summer reading list that celebrates diversity, inclusivity, and social justice from the We Are Kid Lit Collective. The list emphasizes IPOC (Indigenous and People of Color), people with disabilities, and people from the LGBTQIA+ communities. TeachingBooks proudly provides instructional connections to these spectacular books that will help you bring to life diverse books all summer long.

Behind the Books: Changing Preconceived Notions

In order to write her newest book, The Next Great Paulie Fink (Little Brown 2019), Ali Benjamin had to let go of what she thought she should write and have some fun. She and her heroine learned the importance of questioning their assumptions and that fun matters!

Read Ali Benjamin's Guest Blog Post now.

Meet-the-Author Book Reading: Trauma and PTSD

In a conversation with TeachingBooks, Mark Oshiro shared that he wrote his 2019 Schneider Family Book Award-winning title, Anger is a Gift, (Tor 2018) in order to address mental illness, trauma, and PTSD for teens in a relatable way.

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Contests & Giveaways

Check out our April Contests & Giveaways, accompanied by multimedia resources!

  • Last of the Name by Rosanne Perry
  • Me and Sam-Sam and the Apocalypse by Susan Vaught
  • If I Were a Park Ranger by Catherine Stier

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