In this month's Nick's Picks: AASL Standards, finding peace in books, teens and social media, Native Americans in science fiction, mindfulness for children, and our monthly contests and giveaways.
Nick's Picks April 2017

November 2017

Think, create, share, and grow with the new AASL Standards

The American Association of School Librarians released their exciting National School Library Standards for Learners, School Librarians, and School Libraries! It was fabulous being in Phoenix at AASL with hundreds of professionals who created these standards. Much buzz, appreciation, and good energy was felt!

Shared Foundation Infographics from the © AASL Standards Framework for Learners is very proud to be relevant for practitioners discovering these six foundations that anchor the standards' framework. As your school community begins to explore these standards, we encourage you to experience the applicable connections to amazing offerings of

Nick Glass, Founder & Executive Director

Behind the Books: Susan Verde on finding peace in books

As a child, books calmed Susan Verde's many worries. As an elementary school teacher, Verde found many of her students had worries, too, and books became a way to talk about these feelings and emotions.

In this month's guest blog post, read how the author's many life experiences help her create books, including her recent I Am Peace (Abrams 2017).

Read Susan Verde's Guest Blog Post now.

Meet-the-Author Book Reading: M.T. Anderson on teens and social media

M.T. Anderson wondered what it might be like for teens living with today's social media, where people curate every aspect of their life to look good for others. The result is his recent satirical science fiction novel Landscape with Invisible Hand (Candlewick 2017).

In this Meet-the-Author Book Reading, award-winning author M.T. Anderson illustrates science fiction genre elements of allegory with his thoughts on teen's lives today.

Listen to M.T. Anderson share the story behind Landscape with Invisible Hand.

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Meet-the-Author Book Reading: Joseph Bruchac on Native Americans in science fiction

We've been hearing more requests for diversity in genre reading, particularly in science fiction. We were thrilled to have Joseph Bruchac to discuss introducing a Native American heroine into a future world.

Listen to Joseph Bruchac share the story behind Killer of Enemies (Lee & Low 2013).

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Featured Booklist: Mindfulness for Children

Quiet reflection, gratitude and living in the moment exemplify ideas behind mindfulness. This month Booklist's Classroom Connections offers a strong selection of picture books to encourage giving thanks and being present.

Explore resources for the books on the the Classroom Connections: Mindfulness for Children list from Booklist now.

Contests & Giveaways

Check out our november Contests & Giveaways, accompanied by multimedia resources!

  • Writing Radar by Jack Gantos
  • Anna Hibiscus series by Antinuke
  • When Santa Was a Baby by Linda Bailey

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