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With our thoughts on the millions of people who have been uprooted recently, all of us at TeachingBooks are striving to enable all readers to have meaningful connections to books and authors. Included in this issue, for example, is a most special recording we recently made with author, civil rights steward, and U.S. Representative, the Honorable John Lewis. Amazing and inspiring!

As you are exploring ways to bring books and authors to readers every day, consider embedding our widgets on your webpages, blogs, OPAC, and/or learning management system. We have a literary calendar and two featured titles that rotate every day with new, relevant connections to books.

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Behind the Books: Tonya Bolden on bringing to light little-known histories

As a writer of historical fiction and nonfiction, Tonya Bolden was intrigued by the little-known history of Ebenezer Creek and inspired to bring a different, deeper understanding of the African-Americans who met at the creek on Sherman's March.

In this month's guest blog post, learn how Bolden studied diaries, newspapers, ephemera, photographs, and other material to research history for her novel Crossing Ebenezer Creek (Bloomsbury, 2017), and how these historical artifacts "allow us to fill in gaps and bring to light more and more of the little known, to tell new stories that give us a better, firmer grasp of our history."

Read Tonya Bolden's Guest Blog Post now.

Meet-the-Author Book Reading: John Lewis on changing the world together

This month, Congressman John Lewis graciously shared with us his motivations and goals for writing his March books (Top Shelf Productions, 2013-2016).

Listen to Congressman Lewis share his hopes for how his March Trilogy will encourage people to follow his example as a positive force of change for individuals, communities, and nations.

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Featured Booklist: The Jane Addams Children's Book Awards

How do we help children and teens make sense of the world in turbulent times? At, one of the sources we look to is the Jane Addams Children's Book Awards that offers a rich, diverse collection of fiction, nonfiction, and picture books of literary and aesthetic excellence that effectively engage children in thinking about peace, social justice, world community, and equality.

Explore resources for all the books ever recognized by the Jane Addams Children's Book Awards now.

Contests & Giveaways

Check out our September Contests & Giveaways, accompanied by multimedia resources!

  • The Great Shelby Holmes by Elizabeth Eulberg
  • Auma's Long Run by Eucabeth Odhiambo
  • Conejito by Margaret Read MacDonald

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