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Uses of Author Interviews for Art Educators & Students

Show professional illustrators demonstrating art techniques and mediums,

for example …

Watch professional illustrators teach the book-making process,

for example …

What is an Author Interview?

  • Author Interviews are interviews with authors and illustrators in video, audio, and written formats.
  • Meet-the-Author Programs are filmed by in the homes and studios of award-winning authors and illustrators to enable readers to connect with the author the moment they are studying a book.

Authors talk about:

  • Writing
  • Journaling
  • Working with ideas
  • Doing research
  • Bringing history to life
  • Being a professional author

Illustrators reveal:

  • Diverse art techniques
  • Approaches to book design
  • Illustrating fiction and nonfiction
  • Being a professional illustrator

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Here are some curricular uses submitted by educators…

  • "I share Author Interviews because they give physical descriptions on how the art was used."
    - Mark from North Carolina

  • "I use the Author Interviews to have the author explaining, in their own words, how a technique is used—or how the process of creating an illustrated book is done."
    - Katie from North Carolina
  • "I use Author Interviews to show art techniques to students, as well as expose them to professions in art education. This brings art and literacy together."
    - Barbara from North Carolina
  • "After watching an Author Interview, break students break into teams of 4 to come up with some specific questions they would like to ask the illustrator if he or she were a guest in the classroom.

    Also, use Author interviews to inspire students and help them to become more excited about making their own work—especially when creating 'minibooks' in the art room."
    - Angela from North Carolina
  • "I use Author Interviews to share with the students information that brings history to life, tips on doing research, and ways to approach writing/illustrating."
    - Jessie from South Carolina
  • "These author/illustrator programs are inspirational for me, exposing me to different techniques that I might use with the class. I also show the videos to my students to inspire them to 'think outside the box.' In particular, I liked Denise Fleming's reinforcement that the use of 'sound words' such as "Crunch, Munch" are particularly effective in story writing."
    - Alexandra from Alberta
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