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Uses of Author Interviews for School Librarians (Secondary)

Integrate trade books and authors' expertise into student research projects,

for example …

  • Toni Morrison shares the relevance for students today of the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education decision
  • Fast Food Nation author Eric Schlosser explores nutrition and food choices for teens
  • Marc Aronson discusses the process of doing historical research

Offer professional development for staff from renowned authors,

for example …

  • ELA teachers learn about the craft of writing from award-winning author Sharon Draper
  • Science teachers can watch MacArthur Fellow David Macaulay illustrate how the human body works
  • Art teachers learn about the creation of picture books from four-time Caldecott recipient David Wiesner

What is an Author Interview?

  • Author Interviews are interviews with authors and illustrators in video, audio, and written formats.
  • Meet-the-Author Programs are filmed by in the homes and studios of award-winning authors and illustrators to enable readers to connect with the author the moment they are studying a book.

Authors talk about:

  • Writing
  • Journaling
  • Working with ideas
  • Doing research
  • Bringing history to life
  • Being a professional author

Illustrators reveal:

  • Diverse art techniques
  • Approaches to book design
  • Illustrating fiction and nonfiction
  • Being a professional illustrator

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Here are some curricular uses submitted by educators…

  • "I use the Author Interviews when I teach my literary genre lesson—to promote interest in that particular genre. I also use Author Interviews to promote reading, in general."
    - Phyllis from Minnesota
  • "I use Author Interviews to provide necessary background information to inform students' reading."
    - JoAnn from Wisconsin

  • "I use Author Interviews during book talks—to allow students to connect with the author."
    - Crystal from North Carolina

  • "I use Author Interviews to help students understand the writing process. It also shows them that every book that an author writes is not always accepted."
    - Kim from North Carolina
  • "I use Author Interviews in several ways:
        1) To introduce a book for a novel unit
        2) To introduce a unit in science or social studies
        3) To show art classes how professional illustrators work"
    - Lynne from North Carolina
  • "I use the Author Interviews to promote books; I integrate them into book talks."
    - Andrea from North Carolina

  • "I use the Author Interviews in a variety of ways. If a class is working on journaling, then I present authors who talk about journaling. If a class is working on research, then I present authors who talk about research."
    - Geri from New York

  • "I use Author interviews to generate interest in specific authors or series of books."
    - Laurie from Pennsylvania

  • "I introduce the secondary teachers to and show them the resources available for the author and title they chose to read as a whole class.

    I suggest that students listen to the author interviews and look at some of the slide shows and other materials for the books they are reading.

    The classes that write prose benefit from listening to the ways in which published authors get their ideas and how they write."
    - Susan from New York
  • "An Author Interview is a great way to introduce a new author to students."
    - Sue from Texas
  • "I use in a variety of ways. I have students from 6-8 grade in our middle school setting. Many of our teachers have students work on author reports and this has become an intregal part of those projects. I have students go as their first source. I also use your valuable links to find book trailers and information. I use information from author links and programs. Teachers use this TeachingBooks for name pronunciations and lesson plans. Wonderful!"
    - Sue from Wisconsin
  • "I will use Author Interviews to promote reading. I will also use the Author Interviews when I teach my literary genre lesson to promote interest in that particular genre."
    - Phyllis from Tennessee
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