December 5, 2018

New at — Customizable Lessons!

Read and Respond templates are now available for all nonfiction books on TeachingBooks! Just search for any nonfiction book, and enjoy!

My Lessons example titles

Scaffold content, differentiate lessons, and engage your readers with customizable templates that support instructional goals. You can use the same questions and lesson templates for each student that match whichever nonfiction text they are reading, and the instructional goals you've defined.

These new lessons will streamline your workflow because they can be downloaded to distribute, saved to use at a later date, or edited if student need dictates this.

We'd love to hear how you use these lessons to support your readers.

New webinars beginning in January 2019

Promote TeachingBooks and continue to train your learning community. Our Essential Elements webinars build a foundational understanding of the website and our Webinar of the Month series focuses on highlighted topics. Attend these webinars live or sign up to receive the recording so you can view later, post it, or share it.

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It's not too late

Did you miss our fall webinars of the month? It's not too late to view these webinars that focus on specific topics that extend your use of TeachingBooks. Below are the links to the recordings so you can view and share them with your colleagues.

Reach out to us at any time. Remember, we are here to help.

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