September 3, 2019

We are pleased to present our new design!

We are so excited to share that after 19 years, TeachingBooks has a new design. The enhanced website is our best effort to serve and bring to life the books enjoyed in your communities. This opportunity to refresh our service would not be possible without the support of you and the now 47,000+ schools and libraries that have access to our service.

You will find all of the same ever-growing and amazing resources that support and enhance literacy. In addition, we have added new features. Here are some of the features you'll see:

  • New Search Box allows users to search more easily
  • Browse feature provides quick access to specific materials
  • Instruct page is the new home to our collection of tools that deepen connections to books and authors
  • Device agnostic site provides easy access on any device
  • Read-alike carousel on Book Pages
  • Scan an ISBN for direct access to a book's resources

We think you'll find the new website is more intuitive, playful, and clear for all. With tremendous gratitude to you and your community for your continued belief and support, we thank you.

Fall Webinar Series

Join us for webinars this fall to take a fresh look at TeachinBooks. We offer webinars on a variety of days and times to allow you options. Don't worry if you can't attend live. Sign up and receive a recording of the webinar.

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