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Sharing Resources

Today I am going to show you how to use TeachingBooks sharing tools to further collaborative conversations around the books students are reading.

Select a title that your students or colleagues are reading, and instantly provide them with these materials about the book -- without them needing access directions, usernames or passwords.

To access the sharing tools, either select “Share this page” under the book cover, or use one of the buttons on the gold bars found at the bottom of every page or on the right side.

If you choose to share via email, please make sure you are logged in as an educator, you can even write a note to send along with the resources. These sharing tools can be used to give access to anyone for specific resources, booklists, search results, or any page on TeachingBooks.

QR Code Flyers and Bookmarks can be printed to hang with displays, include with book sets or sent home with a student. Anyone who scans the code has instant access to the resources, no signin, username, or password required.

Permalinks and html codes let you easily embed resources into your blogs, newsletters, webpages, learning management systems and other electronic communication tools. This empowers you to share TeachingBooks materials in the online environment you use, and anyone who clicks the link will have the resources at their disposal.

Google Classroom creates links for your online courses.

With these tools, you can share literacy resources with everyone in your community -- be it about a specific book, a book list, a movie with an author, or materials about the titles being read. All of this provides a greater depth and knowledge about books being read in your community, extending the reading experience.

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Thank you for joining us!

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Sharing Tools