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Place a link to TeachingBooks.net wherever you and your colleagues look for and access databases and other shared resources. This is one way to improve accessibility and promote awareness of this resource within your institution.

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Note: For a password-embedded link to TeachingBooks.net for use in a secure environment, please email us.

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TeachingBooks.net provides original, in-studio movies of authors and illustrators, and a wealth of multimedia resources on K–12 books to support reading and library activities for all grades and content areas.

Integrate into Follett's Destiny, MackinVIA, TekData SNAP, or EZProxy

If you use Destiny

  • Go to the One Search management tool
  • Select TeachingBooks.net

If you use MackinVIA

Email the following information to eservices@mackin.com:

  • Your contact information.

Mackin will migrate TeachingBooks access into your MackinVIA account, and confirm with you when complete.

If you use TekData SNAP:

Email the following to accounts@TeachingBooks.net:

  • Your request to integrate TeachingBooks into SNAP
  • Your contact information.

TEkData and/or TeachingBooks.net will confirm with you when complete.

If you use EZProxy

  • Title: TeachingBooks.net
  • URL: http://TeachingBooks.net/
  • DJ: TeachingBooks.net
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