How Mama Brought the Spring

by Fran Manushkin and Holly Berry

Rosy can’t bear to leave the warmth of her bed on a cold winter morning. Despite... read more

Rosy can’t bear to leave the warmth of her bed on a cold winter morning. Despite her mother’s calls, she declares she wants to stay in bed until spring. This statement elicits a story from her mother’s childhood in Minsk, Belarus—a story that enlivens Rosy enough to sit up and listen. Back when her mother was a girl, she too wanted to stay in bed on a winter morning. “Suit yourself,” her Mama had told her. But when Rosy’s mom smelled something wonderful wafting from the Minsk kitchen, she was soon dressed and busily helping to prepare a mysterious concoction of eggs, milk, flour, cheese, and sugar. As the culinary magic increased in the kitchen, outdoors the temperature was rising. The sparkling sun and sweet scents seemed to have awakened the plants and animals. At last, the family sat down together to enjoy an enchanted meal of blintzes and celebrate the awakening of spring. Of course, after hearing this story, Rosy needs just a few things to get her out of bed—eggs, milk, flour, cheese, and sugar! Warm and whimsical illustrations evoke a folk-art feel, while colorful calico fabrics frame central images and page spreads. Deliciously rich descriptive language and beautiful art distinguish a picture book that provides a nourishing multigenerational family story and will awaken an appetite for seasonal celebrations. A recipe for cheese blintzes is included. Honor Book, 2009 Charlotte Zolotow Award (Ages 5–9)

© Cooperative Children's Book Center, Univ. of Wisconsin - Madison, 2009

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