Written in Bone: Buried Lives of Jamestown and Colonial Maryland

by Sally M. Walker

Old bones have a lot to say about the lives of the past and forensic anthropology... read more

Old bones have a lot to say about the lives of the past and forensic anthropology takes center stage in this fascinating account of the scientific study of the human remains of two Colonial settlements. Well-written and thoroughly researched, this clear and understandable account is infused with excitement and a sense of discovery. It follows the work of Dr. Douglas Owsley from the Smithsonian who is studying seventeenth- and eighteenth-century skeletons from the Chesapeake area. Author Sally Walker describes the steps undertaken from the initial discovery of a grave through the interpretation of the skeleton and any items found with it—an unveiling that might yield information that includes age, gender, and physical condition of the individual as well as type of work, food eaten, and cause of death. From a tone that is always respectful of the subject to a winning design loaded with well-captioned visual images, this book appeals in a myriad of ways. Unfortunately, the index is both incomplete and inconsistent, but this is a minor drawback to an otherwise outstanding book of information. (Ages 10–15)

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