Magic Thinks Big

by Elisha Cooper

Magic’s life is full of possibilities: “Should he go in? Or out? Or should... read more

Magic’s life is full of possibilities: “Should he go in? Or out? Or should he stay right where he is.” A cat that appears as solid and immovable as a boulder, Magic spends a lot more time pondering activity then actually doing it. Although he seems perfectly content to nap in the doorway, his lively mind is full of the options open to him. If he chose to, he could not only catch a salmon, he could “share it with some friendly bears.” Richly hued watercolor illustrations show Magic diving beneath the waves to capture his fish and riding regally to shore on the back of a helpful moose. He imagines picking blueberries on a nearby island with a trio of bears and then indulging in blueberry pie after their salmon dinner. In Magic’s ideal scenario, after dinner the “bears could clean up.” The fanciful tone of Magic’s daydreams provides a delightful contrast to the reality of his laid-back lifestyle. As a final touch, a back cover photo of the original Magic shows the 18-pound inspiration who “likes blueberries and sitting by the lake.” (Ages 3–6)

© Cooperative Children's Book Center, Univ. of Wisconsin - Madison, 2005

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