Who Would Like a Christmas Tree?: A Tree for All Seasons

by Ellen Bryan Obed and Anne Hunter

“Who would like a Christmas tree in January? 'We would like a Christmas... read more

“Who would like a Christmas tree in January? 'We would like a Christmas tree in January,’ answer the black-capped chickadees.” That’s where they find their meals, in the form of moth eggs, spiders, and winged seeds. After a day of eating, the birds roost together in the tree branches. “Who would like a Christmas tree in February?” Field mice chew on the bark of the tree trunk, safe beneath the snow that covers their winter runways. Progressing throughout the year, readers meet a host of creatures, from balsam twig aphids in June to red foxes in October, who like Christmas trees for the food and shelter they offer. When December rolls around it’s the human children and their parents who like a Christmas tree to enjoy as part of their family holiday celebration. Watercolor and ink illustrations depict each month’s visitors to the Christmas tree plantation. A section titled “How the Christmas Tree Farmer Takes Care of Her Farm Around the Year” provides another layer of information. (Ages 4–8)

© Cooperative Children's Book Center, Univ. of Wisconsin - Madison, 2010

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