Franny's Friends

by Catarina Kruusval

Franny’s friends are a crew of stuffed animals with distinct names: Croakie... read more

Franny’s friends are a crew of stuffed animals with distinct names: Croakie Crow, Beary Bear, Honey Bunny, Ginger Giraffe, Dashie Doggie (a dachshund), Little Heddy Hedgehog, and Itty Bitty Kitty. One morning, Franny announces that they are going on an outing. Packing a picnic basket and dressing her friends in cardigans, scarves, and bonnets, Franny and her party are off! The friends organize themselves and follow Franny in a cheerful line according to her directions—down the stairs, up the hill, through the trees, and to the picnic spread. All is well until Little Heddy and Itty Bitty Kitty go missing. Combing the grass and shouting in the woods, the remaining pals search for the missing little ones until they are reunited. Headed home, the kitten and hedgehog get new places in line where they can be protected and watched by their big friends. Translated from the Swedish, the simple, playful, and cozy book captures the essence of a child’s inventive play. Uncluttered pastel illustrations show distinct Scandinavian details, such as the snack buns and the forest flora, while portraying the assuredness of an imaginative and loving little girl and her adoring and expressive toy friends. (Ages 2–5)

© Cooperative Children's Book Center, Univ. of Wisconsin - Madison, 2009

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