The Secret Under My Skin

by Janet McNaughton

In the aftermath of a devastating “technocaust” that saw the extermination... read more

In the aftermath of a devastating “technocaust” that saw the extermination of scientists, Earth’s government has banned technology. Most people unquestioningly follow the dictatorial edicts, which include governmental control over personal occupation, leaving little room for individual choice. Blay Raytee is leading a dismal life in a work camp for orphans when she is unexpectedly given a special mission to assist Marrella, a guardian of the environment. Marrella is in training as a bio-indicator, an elite position in which she will protect society from environmental toxins. Unfortunately, Marrella is unsuited to the academic demands of her post, whereas Blay shows an aptitude and thirst for knowledge. The more she learns, the more Blay finds herself questioning governmental statements disseminated as indisputable truths. She learns she’s not alone – others are working in an underground movement to restore the credibility of science and rediscover the positive uses of technology. As she uncovers large-scale facts about life on earth in this dystopic future, Blay unlocks unsettling secrets from her own past. (Ages 12–16)

© Cooperative Children's Book Center, Univ. of Wisconsin - Madison, 2006

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