'Let's Get a Pup!' Said Kate

by Bob Graham

Ever since the family cat died, “there were only Kate’s two feet to keep... read more

Ever since the family cat died, “there were only Kate’s two feet to keep each other company” in her bed. One morning, Kate wakes her parents by declaring that it’s time for a new pet. Her grown-ups concur. The three agree that the new pet must be a small, cute, and playful pup. They excitedly leave their breakfast uneaten and rush to an animal rescue center. They find exactly the pup they were looking for. Or do they? It isn’t that easy to lose one’s heart to just any dog. Children will recognize Kate’s urgent need for a pet. They’ll also be comfortable with the gently humorous, understated ambiguity of this family’s decision-making process. They’ll feel at home with the clutter of this particular home, and they’ll delight in the surprise ending. Once again, Graham has hit the mark with a warm story expanded by illustrations bearing his signature humor and attention to detail. With wonderful writing and uniquely detailed pictures, he has created a quirky, down-to-earth contemporary family on the cusp of change. (Ages 4–7)

© Cooperative Children's Book Center, Univ. of Wisconsin - Madison, 2002

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