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National Ambassador for Young People's Literature

National Ambassador for Young People's Literature

Resources for the authors recognized for this honor since its inception in 2008 -- raising national awareness of the importance of young people’s literature
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DiCamillo, Kate image
National Ambassador (Honor, 2015)

Multimedia Resources: 176
Woodson, Jacqueline image
Photo credit: Toshi Widoff-Woodson
National Ambassador (Honor, 2019)

Multimedia Resources: 171
Myers, Walter Dean image
Photo credit: Malin Fezehai
National Ambassador (Honor, 2013)

Multimedia Resources: 154
Scieszka, Jon image
National Ambassador (Honor, 2009)

Multimedia Resources: 122
Yang, Gene Luen image
National Ambassador (Honor, 2017)

Multimedia Resources: 97
Paterson, Katherine image
National Ambassador (Honor, 2011)

Multimedia Resources: 91
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