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Gifts: The 2011 TD Grade One Book Giveaway
   Meet Gifts author Jo Ellen Bogart and illustrator Barbara Reid

This online program contains …

  • 2 Mini-documentary Movies
  • An In-depth Written Interview
  • The Movie Transcript
  • 2 Comprehensive Bibliographies
  • Links for Further Information
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In this three-minute mini-documentary, Gifts author Jo Ellen Bogart and illustrator Barbara Reid
  • Share their processes for creating the book's text and illustrations,
  • Demonstrate how the book was illustrated with Plasticine, and
  • Reveal their enjoyment for writing and illustrating books for children.

About Jo Ellen Bogart and Barbara Reid

Jo Ellen Bogart is the author of many best-selling children's books, and lives in a pet-filled home in Guelph, Ontario. Barbara Reid is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Governor General's Award for Illustration and the Amelia Frances Howard-Gibbon Award. This movie was filmed in Ms. Reid's Toronto, Ontario studio.

About TD Grade One Book Giveaway

Since 2000, in cooperation with Canadian ministries of education, school boards and library organizations -- the TD Bank Group, in coordination with the Canadian Children's Book Centre (CCBC), has given every Canadian Grade One student a free Canadian children's book. The book is to be taken home by each child to keep and to read with their parents. This far-reaching annual book giveaway program, that annually provides over 500,000 books to Grade One children across Canada, is fully funded by The TD Bank Group. For more information, see

Credits & Permissions

Many thanks to the TD Bank Group for believing in enabling every reader of the TD Grade One Book Giveaway to meet the creators of Gifts.

Thanks to the folks at Scholastic Canada, specifically Denise Anderson.

Thanks to Judith Keenan at Bookshorts for her videography.

Thanks to Charlotte Teeple and everyone at the Canadian Children's Book Centre (CCBC).

Thanks also to Gretta Miller and Aarick Beher for their invaluable, professional help with this production.

Of course, this entire Author Program occurred because of the kindness and generosity of Barbara Reid, who graciously opened her studio and shared her time and enthusiasm with us, and Jo Ellen Bogert -- equally generous and supportive of this project.

This program is a production of LLC and may only be used in accordance with the Subscriber Agreement found on the TeachingBooks website. ( obtained the following permissions:

Photographs of Jo Ellen Bogart and Barbara Reid on the webpage courtesy of Scholastic Canada.

From GIFTS, written by Jo Ellen Bogart and illustrated by Barbara Reid. Text and illustration copyright 1995. Published by Scholastic Canada. All rights reserved. Cover image, internal images and original art used by permission. No material shall be published, re-transmitted, broadcast, modified or adapted (re-written), manipulated, reproduced or otherwise distributed and/or exploited in any way without the prior written authorization of Scholastic Canada.

All additional book cover images used by permission.

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