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What Is TeachingBooks.net?

Introductory Movie with Nick Glass, Founder of TeachingBooks.net

TeachingBooks.net is an easy-to-use website that adds a multimedia dimension to the reading experiences of children's and young adult books. Our online database is developed and maintained to include thousands of resources about fiction and nonfiction books used in the K–12 environment, with every resource selected to encourage the integration of multimedia author and book materials into reading and library activities.

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Multimedia Resources

TeachingBooks.net is a portal to thousands of multimedia resources that can enhance and enliven your reading experiences. All resources in our collection are selected following our Collection Development Policy.

Author Resources

TeachingBooks Meet-the-Author Movies
Enjoy movies filmed in the studios of award-winning authors and illustrators—and enable all readers to learn directly from these book creators, anytime.

TeachingBooks In-depth Written Interviews
Original, comprehensive interviews reveal the inspiration and personality of award-winning authors and illustrators.

TeachingBooks Guest Blog Posts
Find out what extraordinary authors and illustrators think about their process and craft in these original posts for The TeachingBooks.net Blog.

TeachingBooks Audio Name Pronunciations
"Hello! My name is..." Hear authors and illustrators pronouncing and telling stories about their names.

Author Interviews
Authors and illustrators reveal their work, ideas, and lives in informative online interviews.

Author Personal Websites & Blogs
Instantly access primary source information about authors and illustrators from these personal websites and blogs.

Book Resources

Book Apps
Learn more about popular books, book series, and their authors by visiting these official websites.

Book Guides & Lesson Plans
Find ready-to-use lesson plans and discussion questions for the fiction and nonfiction books you're reading in K–12 classrooms.

Book Readings
Introduce books to your classroom or library with a brief, high-quality video or audio performance.

Book Trailers
Ignite students' interest in current and classic titles with these video book trailers that bring the books you're reading to life.

Book Websites
Learn more about popular books, book series, and their authors by visiting these official websites.

Movie & TV Adaptation Websites
Generate excitement about books with these websites promoting film adaptations of popular and classic titles.


With one click, get all of the ready-to-use book and author resources aligned with any reading list—Common Core, national and state awards, even your own. Explore all Booklists »

Original Author Resources Produced by TeachingBooks.net

In addition to gathering materials from all over the web, TeachingBooks.net produces original content with award-winning authors and illustrators that includes:

  • Meet-the-Author Movies
  • Meet-the-Author Book Readings
  • Guest Blog Posts
  • Audio Name Pronunciations
  • In-depth Written Interviews

See highlighted resources produced by TeachingBooks.net.


TeachingBooks.net is for anyone who reads, teaches, or enjoys books for children and teens. This service is primarily used in the K–12, university, and public library settings.

Learn more about how different groups can use TeachingBooks.net.


Meeting an author can inherently change a reader's relationship with that author and his or her work. TeachingBooks.net strives to equalize the opportunity for this experience by enabling readers to meet award-winning authors online, anytime. With these experiences, TeachingBooks.net breaks down barriers and builds connections to books and authors to enhance the inspirational and educational opportunities contained in books.

Consider TeachingBooks.net:

  • An equity tool for everyone using books in your schools, including all teachers, literacy coaches, librarians, students, and families.
  • A professional development tool about books and authors for all teachers (new or experienced)—enabling everyone to meet and learn directly from the author when reading the book.
  • A 21st century technology integration service that merges multimedia and literature into all content areas.
  • A fun, honoring way to easily connect all readers in your entire educational system with books and authors.

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