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Energize literacy instruction with digital resources from TeachingBooks that connect readers to titles. These 20-minute webinars showcase strategies and integration ideas. Once registered, you will receive reminders prior to the webinar and a recording afterward.

Engage Readers with Graphic Novels & TeachingBooks Resources
Thursday, December 15 1:00 CT

Bring TeachingBooks resources to the foreground of your graphic novel lessons. Explore the genre with book trailers, excerpts, and insights from authors and illustrators.

Differentiating with TeachingBooks Multi-Leveled Lessons
Thursday, January 26 12:30 CT

Discover the many facets of our unique Multi-Leveled Lessons. These gems allow you to easily scaffold learning for the range of students in your literacy groups. Find something new for the genre you’re teaching.

And the Winner is...Awarding-Winning titles with TeachingBooks
Thursday, February 23 12:30 CT

Keep up with the latest award-winning titles receiving both state and national honors. Discover resources for hundreds of books from dozens of authoritative lists.

Resources for All Readers with TeachingBooks
Thursday, March 23 12:30 CT

Support reading development and engage readers with resources to develop fluency, support comprehension and celebrate different learning styles.

A Menu of Ready-to-Use Ideas from TeachingBooks
Thursday, April 27 12:30 CT

Get a taste of Ready-to-Use Ideas that include featured lists and fillable lessons–all available at a moment's notice.

Get Ready for Independent Reading with TeachingBooks
Thursday, May 25 12:30 CT

Independent readers need time, practice, and selection skills to choose books wisely. Learn new strategies to prepare students for summer self-selection.

Looking at Literature with the Text Complexity Toolkit from TeachingBooks
Thursday, June 22 12:30 CT

Whether you're matching titles to readers, planning for a lesson, or evaluating a text, the TeachingBooks Text Complexity Toolkit is here to help. Think deeply about how stories are put together and connect with titles and authors.

Gain Insight with the Collection Analysis Toolkit
Thursday, July 20 12:30 CT

Join us to learn how the Collection Analysis Toolkit assists when examining the genre, recency, and diversity represented. Generate reports to support collection development needs.

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