Library Standards Support

Inspired by the American Association of School Librarians1, the reference points that are bolded below showcase unique and innovative ways to support diversity, analyze your collection, and share resources to empower your learning community.

Inquire Becomes Inquiry

Search for titles and provide primary source materials in your interactive spaces to enrich literacy instruction, engage readers, and deepen connections to books.

  • Create shelf talkers for immediate access to resources like this Meet-the-Author Recording with Deborah Heiligman on Torpedoed: The True Story of the World War II Sinking of the Children's Ship for students to consider how experiences can bring out the best and worst in people.
  • Then, strengthen connections to authors by listening to Audio Name Pronunciations like this one with Vashti Harrison, illustrator of Sulwe.

Include Becomes Inclusion

Strengthen your community's commitment to inclusivity and diversity by creating diverse custom reading lists to reflect and honor students while supporting the curriculum.

Collaborate Becomes Collaboration

Utilize sharing tools to instantly create labels, shelf talkers and bookmarks to equip your learning community with immediate access to targeted, relevant resources

  • Provide teachers and colleagues with primary source and professionally vetted resources to reflect and engage in important conversations with our Diverse Books Toolkit.
  • Excite your readers with the Book Series Collection to find titles — in order — from a series they are reading or to discover a new series that interest them.
  • Connect with families and share our Complete Book & Poems Collection to listen to at school or home.

Curate Becomes Curation

Create custom reading lists of instructional materials targeted to the books used within the curriculum and read by each person.

Explore Becomes Exploration

Expand your knowledge and understanding of children's and young adult literature through authentic, primary-source insight from authors and illustrators. Reflect on the inspiration and creative process for their books.

  • View this Meet-the-Author Movie with Yuyi Morales and consider how each of her books has a part of her childhood in Mexico and part of her adult life in America.
  • Explore Gareth Hinds' Guest Blog post and discuss how drawing graphic novels are like creating a film.

Engage Becomes Engagement

Engage your reading community with titles that respond to diversity, build empathy and respect, allow us to learn from the past, and support student empowerment. Provide a central space where all are welcomed and celebrated.

1. Referenced from American Association of School Librarians. 2018. National School Library Standards for Learners, School Librarians, and School Libraries. Chicago: ALA.