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Series: 39 Clues image

39 Clues Series

Series: 43 Old Cemetery Road image

43 Old Cemetery Road Series

Series: 50 States to Celebrate image

50 States to Celebrate Series

Series: 5th Wave Trilogy image

5th Wave Trilogy

Series: 7 Generations image

7 Generations Series

Series: 8th Continent image

8th Continent Series

Series: A Series of Unfortunate Events image

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Series: A to Z Mysteries image

A to Z Mysteries

Series: Abarat image

Abarat Series

Series: Abby & Tess Pet-Sitters Series image

Abby & Tess Pet-Sitters Series

Series: Abercrombie Trail image

Abercrombie Trail Series

  • Grade Level:
  • Curricular Areas:
    English Language Arts, History, Social Studies
  • Genres:
    Historical Fiction
  • Cultural Areas:
    American Indian
  • Category of Booklist:
    Book Series
  • Analysis of Text Complexity for this series
Series: About Habitats image

About Habitats Series

Series: Accelerati Trilogy image

Accelerati Trilogy

Series: Accidental Adventure image

Accidental Adventure Series

Series: Across the Universe Trilogy image

Across the Universe Trilogy

Series: Ada Lace Adventure image

Ada Lace Adventure Series

Series: Adventures Around the World image

Adventures Around the World

Series: Adventures of Bella & Harry image

Adventures of Bella & Harry

Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob

Series: Adventures of Rabbi Harvey image

Adventures of Rabbi Harvey

Series: Adventures of Rabbit and Bear Pa image

Adventures of Rabbit and Bear Paws

Series: Adventures of Sophie Mouse image

Adventures of Sophie Mouse

Series: Bailey School Kids image

Adventures of the Bailey School Kids

Series: Adventures of Wilder Good image

Adventures of Wilder Good Wilder Good Series

Series: African American Quartet image

African American Quartet

Series: Agatha Parrot image

Agatha Parrot Series

Series: Agatha Girl of Mystery image

Agatha: Girl of Mystery Series

Series: Agora Trilogy image

Agora Trilogy

Series: Al Capone image

Al Capone Series

Series: Alcatraz vs. the Evil Librarians image

Alcatraz vs. the Evil Librarians Series

Series: Alec Flint, Super Sleuth image

Alec Flint, Super Sleuth Series

Series: Alex Rider image

Alex Rider Adventure Series

Series: Alfie image

Alfie Series

Series: Alice image

Alice Series

Series: Alice-Miranda image

Alice-Miranda Series

Series: Alien in My Pocket image

Alien In My Pocket Series

Series: Aliens, Inc.  image

Aliens, Inc. Series

Series: All About America image

All About America Series

Series: All the Wrong Questions image

All the Wrong Questions Series

Series: All-Star Sports Story image

All-Star Sports Story Series

Series: Allie Finkle's Rules for Girls image

Allie Finkle's Rules for Girls Series

Series: Alvin and the Chipmunks image

Alvin and the Chipmunks Series

Series: Alvin Ho image

Alvin Ho Series

Series: Amazing Athletes image

Amazing Athletes Series

Series: Amber Brown image

Amber Brown Series

Series: Amelia Rules image

Amelia Rules Series

Series: American Chillers image

American Chillers Series

Series: American Girl image

American Girl Series

Series: Amulet image

Amulet Series

Series: Amy Hodgepodge image

Amy Hodgepodge Series

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