by Laura Vaccaro Seeger

Laura Vaccaro Seeger begins with the concrete (“forest green … sea green... read more

Laura Vaccaro Seeger begins with the concrete (“forest green … sea green … pea green”), each phrase the subject of a gorgeous, lush painting spanning a page spread. Playful moments include images of “wacky green” (a green-striped zebra), “slow green” (a tiny die-cut caterpillar on a brilliant orange flower) and “never green” (a Stop sign). Green is more than color, it is mood and feeling; it is hope and a promise, one that comes to pass as winter becomes summer (“forever green”). Of course, summer doesn’t last forever, and green won’t either, without our mindful attention to the earth. Seeger doesn’t spell that out, however. She’ll leave it for children to realize on their own as they explore this homage to the color green and the beauty of the earth. The cleverly placed die cuts on every page work masterfully in both directions, revealing another dimension of fascination for young children. (Ages 2–7)

© Cooperative Children's Book Center, Univ. of Wisconsin - Madison, 2013

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