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Regina Medal Award, 1959-2018

Regina Medal Award, 1959-2018

Resources for the authors recognized by this award since its inception in 1959 -- honoring continued, distinguished contributions to children's literature
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Henkes, Kevin image
Photo credit: Michelle Corpora
Regina Medal (Winner, 2013)

Multimedia Resources: 163
Seuss, Dr. image
Photo credit: Dr. Seuss Enterprises
Regina Medal (Winner, 1982)

Multimedia Resources: 148
Adler, David A. image
Regina Medal (Winner, 2017)

Multimedia Resources: 136
Polacco, Patricia image
Regina Medal (Winner, 2012)

Multimedia Resources: 129
Paulsen, Gary image
Photo courtesy of Gary Paulsen
Regina Medal (Winner, 1995)

Multimedia Resources: 120
Yolen, Jane image
Photo credit: Jason Stemple
Regina Medal (Winner, 1992)

Multimedia Resources: 110
dePaola, Tomie image
Photo courtesy of Tomie dePaola
Regina Medal (Winner, 1983)

Multimedia Resources: 109
Lowry, Lois image
Photo credit: Matt McKee
Regina Medal (Winner, 1994)

Multimedia Resources: 101
Pinkney, Jerry image
Photo credit: Myles C. Pinkney
Regina Medal (Winner, 2005)

Multimedia Resources: 101
Paterson, Katherine image
Regina Medal (Winner, 1988)

Multimedia Resources: 91
Pinkney, Andrea Davis image
Photo credit: Christine Simmons
Regina Medal (Winner, 2018)

Multimedia Resources: 89
Gibbons, Gail image
Photo courtesy of Gail Gibbons
Regina Medal (Winner, 2010)

Multimedia Resources: 87
Carle, Eric image
Regina Medal (Winner, 1999)

Multimedia Resources: 85
Blume, Judy image
Regina Medal (Winner, 2015)

Multimedia Resources: 78
Cleary, Beverly image
Photo credit: Alan McEwan
Regina Medal (Winner, 1980)

Multimedia Resources: 75
Kellogg, Steven image
Regina Medal (Winner, 1989)

Multimedia Resources: 72
Van Allsburg, Chris image
Photo courtesy of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Regina Medal (Winner, 1993)

Multimedia Resources: 70
Giff, Patricia Reilly image
Photo courtesy of Patricia Reilly Giff, 2010
Regina Medal (Winner, 2014)

Multimedia Resources: 69
Bryan, Ashley image
Regina Medal (Winner, 2011)

Multimedia Resources: 62
Hamilton, Virginia image
Photo courtesy of Virginia Hamilton's website
Regina Medal (Winner, 1990)

Multimedia Resources: 60
Ehlert, Lois image
Regina Medal (Winner, 2009)

Multimedia Resources: 54
George, Jean Craighead image
Photo credit: Ellan Young Photography
Regina Medal (Winner, 2003)

Multimedia Resources: 52
McKissack, Patricia C. image
Regina Medal (Winner, 1998)

Multimedia Resources: 49
Pinkney, Brian image
Photo credit: Dwight Carter
Regina Medal (Winner, 2018)

Multimedia Resources: 48
L'Engle, Madeleine image
Regina Medal (Winner, 1984)

Multimedia Resources: 47
Fritz, Jean image
Photo courtesy of Publishers Weekly
Regina Medal (Winner, 1985)

Multimedia Resources: 44
O'Dell, Scott image
Regina Medal (Winner, 1978)

Multimedia Resources: 41
Byars, Betsy image
Regina Medal (Winner, 1987)

Multimedia Resources: 37
Freedman, Russell image
Photo © Evans Chan
Regina Medal (Winner, 1996)

Multimedia Resources: 37
Williams, Vera B. image
Regina Medal (Winner, 2008)

Multimedia Resources: 36
McCloskey, Robert image
Regina Medal (Winner, 1974)

Multimedia Resources: 35
Hopkins, Lee Bennett image
Photo credit: Charles Egita
Regina Medal (Winner, 2016)

Multimedia Resources: 33
Konigsburg, E.L. image
Regina Medal (Winner, 2001)

Multimedia Resources: 31
Alexander, Lloyd image
Regina Medal (Winner, 1986)

Multimedia Resources: 29
Brown, Marcia image
Regina Medal (Winner, 1977)

Multimedia Resources: 25
Ward, Lynd image
Regina Medal (Winner, 1975)

Multimedia Resources: 21
McKissack, Fredrick image
Regina Medal (Winner, 1998)

Multimedia Resources: 13
Goble, Paul image
Photo courtesy of Simon & Schuster
Regina Medal (Winner, 2006)

Multimedia Resources: 12
Zolotow, Charlotte image
Photo credit: David Koff
Regina Medal (Winner, 2002)

Multimedia Resources: 11
Lenski, Lois image
Regina Medal (Winner, 1969)

Multimedia Resources: 7
D'Aulaire, Edgar Parin image
Regina Medal (Winner, 1970)

Multimedia Resources: 6
D'Aulaire, Ingri image
Regina Medal (Winner, 1970)

Multimedia Resources: 6
DeAngeli, Marguerite image
Regina Medal (Winner, 1968)

Multimedia Resources: 4
Fisher, Leonard Everett image
Regina Medal (Winner, 1991)

Multimedia Resources: 4
Colum, Padraic image
Regina Medal (Winner, 1961)

Multimedia Resources: 3
Sawyer, Ruth image
Regina Medal (Winner, 1965)

Multimedia Resources: 3
Tudor, Tasha image
Regina Medal (Winner, 1971)

Multimedia Resources: 3
Clark, Ann Nolan image
Regina Medal (Winner, 1963)

Multimedia Resources: 2
Meltzer, Milton image
Regina Medal (Winner, 2000)

Multimedia Resources: 2
Politi, Leo image
Regina Medal (Winner, 1966)

Multimedia Resources: 2
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