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Literacy Connections » Balancing Literacy

Balancing Informational & Literary Texts

Expose students to a true balance of exceptional nonfiction and literary texts in
core-content areas.

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Content-Rich Nonfiction

Identify distinguished nonfiction books to enrich students' knowledge base in history, social studies, science, and the arts.

Authoritative awards selecting the best nonfiction:

Browse all nonfiction titles (narrow results with tools on the left)
Perform a subject search (e.g Biography, Civil Rights, Frogs)

Paired Fiction with Nonfiction Text Sets

Build knowledge with quality books that juxtapose informational perspectives and factual analysis.

Examine social studies and science text sets by selecting a grade band.

Grades K–1 Grades 2–3 Grades 4–5
Grades 6–8 Grades 9–10 Grades 11–12

Custom Text Sets & Reading Lists

Compile, organize, analyze, and share instructional materials associated with the books in your curriculum.

Make a custom reading list

Implementation Strategy
When selecting texts for your next unit, search for the subject under the subject AND booklist tabs. Use these lists as a starting point!
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