Tips for Distributing TeachingBooks Multi-Leveled Lessons

Below are sample workflows to efficiently distribute Multi-Leveled Lessons to your students.

Sharing Multi-Leveled Lessons Via Email

  1. Create a lesson and save, then go to "Your Lessons" in the toggle menu and select the lesson.
  2. Download the student PDF with the "Download to Distribute" link.
  3. Find the PDF in your computer's Downloads folder.
  4. Add it as an attachment in a group email to your students.
  5. Each student can open their own lesson in PDF viewing software (such as Adobe Acrobat Reader or Apple Preview), fill it out, and re-save it, adding their name to the document title for identification.
  6. Then each student can add their edited PDF as an attachment to an email back to you.

Using Multi-Leveled Lessons Via Google Classroom

Once a lesson has been shared to Google Classroom, students will open it and have the following options:

  1. Students will:
    1. Select "Download to Distribute"
    2. Select "Rename" and add their name to the document title for identification
    3. Fill out the lesson
    4. Select "Save"
  2. Students will then go back to Google Classroom and:
    1. Open the assignment
    2. Select "Add" or "Create"
    3. Select File (the paperclip)
    4. Select the document they want to upload
    5. Select "Turn In"