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Uses of Book Readings for Social Studies Educators & Students

  1. Have authors share international perspectives on social studies topics,

    for example …

    listen now to
    Barbara Kerley on
    A Cool Drink of Water

    Share brief audio performances to emphasize cultural authenticity,

    for example …

    listen now to
    A Raisin in the Sun

    listen now to
    The Kite Runner

    What is a Book Reading?

    • A Book Reading is an audio recording of a book being read aloud
    • Most Book Readings are 2-3 minute excerpts; others are full-length resources that allow you to hear the entire story.
    • Some Book Readings include animations, videos, and/or captions.
    • Meet-the-Author Book Readings are produced by directly with the author or illustrator, who gives the story-behind-the-story before reading or describing a portion of the book.

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