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Uses of Book Readings
for School Librarians (Elementary)

  1. Use a video recording as a book talk,

    for example …

    watch a book reading of
    Anansi and the Tug o' War

    watch a book reading of

    Help students choose their next book by playing theatrical audio clips,

    for example …

    What is a Book Reading?

    • A Book Reading is an audio recording of a book being read aloud
    • Most Book Readings are 2-3 minute excerpts; others are full-length resources that allow you to hear the entire story.
    • Some Book Readings include animations, videos, and/or captions.
    • Meet-the-Author Book Readings are produced by directly with the author or illustrator, who gives the story-behind-the-story before reading or describing a portion of the book.

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    Here are some curricular uses submitted by educators…

    • "I use the Book Guides for my own use and then use the Book Readings/audio clips as teasers to get students interested in different books."
      - Annie-Laurie from Kentucky
    • "When our school reads Kathryn Otoshi's book One as an All School Read, I let teachers know about her Book Reading on Now, when they share it with their classes, both teachers and students gain an understanding of how Otoshi came to write the book. It gives us all another level of understanding to this seemingly simply but complex story."
      - Laura from Montana
    • "Book Readings offer another voice to the reading of a book."
      - Alicia from Georgia
    • "In February (Black History Month), our third grade students were asked to select a book from the list of Coretta Scott King Award winners at After they had chosen their book, they were asked to listen to the author or illustrator talk about their book. Some students held up the book and showed the pictures to the others in the group while the authors read from their book. Each book had a slip of paper inside and the students listed their name. At the end of the week, we could determine which books had been the most popular. Several skills were reinforced during this activity, including browsing, identifying book titles, authors and illustrators in addition to locating the call numbers for each book."
      - Mary Ann from Texas
    • "I use Book Readings to introduce new books to the students and build interest."
      - Kimberly from Texas
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