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Support Pages

Face-to-Face Training offers in-person professional development.

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Help & Support for TeachingBooks Staff

Explore the varied opportunities to integrate TeachingBooks tools and resources into your work.

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How to Use

Learn how TeachingBooks can support your literacy instruction.

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Professional Development Services

Tap into a host of training and implementation services designed to support your learning community.

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Schedule a Custom Webinar Training

Schedule a webinar customized to your needs with our professional development team.

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Share & Promote

Explore opportunities to extend the reach of your license with a variety of tools and materials.

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Tips for a Successful Webinar

Maximize your learning experience with some quick tips to success.

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Training Tools

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Video Tutorials

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Webinar Training Menu of Options

Explore webinar options with a focus on foundational topics that are fully customizable to your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I learn of free training opportunities?

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How do I schedule a live webinar training for my staff?

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