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Sharing Resources

Letís look at the TeachingBooks sharing tools, a powerful way for everyone in your community to learn about seamless access to book and author resources that are relevant to them. For any title, resource, or booklist, you can instantly collaborate and give resources to others via QR code bookmarks, emails, embed them into your Google Classroom, or your learning management system.

Select a title and instantly provide, colleagues, students, or families with materials about the book without the recipient needing access directions, usernames or passwords. To access TeachingBooks sharing tools, look for the red arrow icon on a book page, an individual resource, or a list.

Choose the sharing option that works best for you. For some of these, you will need to be logged in as an educator. In the pop-up box, you can check to see what you are sharing. Email a colleague with a quick note and share all the resources for a title. Create a QR flyer or bookmark for a specific resource to put into a listening center, add to a display, or include with a book set.

These bookmarks and flyers can be translated into many languages using Google translate at the top of the page providing support for students and families.

Post a list to a calendar or in your learning management system for easy access. Google Classroom creates links for your online resources. Copy permalinks to embed resources into your blogs, newsletters, webpages, learning management systems and other digital communication tools. This empowers you to share TeachingBooks materials in the online environments you use, and anyone who clicks the link will have the resources at their disposal.

The sharing tools remove barriers of access-- since the recipient will not need a user name or password to enjoy what you have shared. With these tools, you can share literacy resources with everyone in your community while providing greater depth and knowledge about books being read.

Thank you for joining us!

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