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3-Minute Introduction

Welcome to TeachingBooks! I'm Nick Glass.

More than 20 years ago I started TeachingBooks to equalize access to authors and give everyone insightful materials about books. What happens, I wondered, if each reader can learn from the author the moment they are reading a book? What new insights and personal connections to the text could be developed? Well, that is what we do! Today, TeachingBooks offers every reader a vast library of materials that enrich connections to essentially every book that they are reading.

Let me show you a few ways this collection of author and book resources support literacy instruction and engage readers while nurturing a joy of reading. For starters, almost every day we interview an amazing author or illustrator. Our exclusive Meet-the-Author Recordings personalize reading, model the writing and research process, while giving students the opportunity to connect with an author that looks like them, shares similar interests, and maybe even makes them laugh.

Every day we add vetted materials, including video book trailers, read-along audiobook performances, discussion questions, vocabulary lists, Google Previews, and so many more materials that can change the way a reader relates to a book. This service is truly deep, impactful, and comprehensive. It is much more than can be detailed in a short introduction like this.

I invite you to explore the site and see for yourself how we create memorable, personal connections between the reader and text. Search for a favorite book and explore its collection of resources. Browse our collections by title, author, lists, series, and awards. Dive into the tools that we’ve made to enrich your literacy instruction, including Standards Connections, Diverse Books Toolkit, Reader’s Advisory, Library Programming, and other support tools that expand the work that you’re already doing.

And most powerfully, as we think about how to break down barriers of access to these meaningful resources, TeachingBooks has built sharing tools that provide immediate access to anyone you want to give them to… very easy to use, with no sign in required. Simply email, text, print, or even embed a resource right into any learning management tool that you’re already using.

To summarize, TeachingBooks is the world of children’s and young adult books, with hundreds of thousands of resources in one place. It works within the technologies that you are already using, presented in a way that can be as seamless and deeply meaningful as you wish to make it. It enriches connections to the books that are taught in your curriculum. It enhances independent reading activities throughout your community. It aligns directly to your reading programs and core book sets. And mostly, it furthers enthusiasm for reading and elevates the power of books for all of your students, teachers, librarians, and families.

We are so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of your relationships with books and reading. Now go and dig into the site and enjoy, and always let us know how we can be of assistance with the literacy work in your community. Thank you.

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