Essential Elements Webinars

Take a fresh look and build an understanding of the tools and resources available on TeachingBooks. Sign up for all or choose the webinars that excite, inspire, and support your goals.


  • TeachingBooks is newly designed for the 2019/20 school year. Learn the latest and greatest ways to collaboratively enrich the literacy work in your school.
  • Ensure that all attendees know the ways to access resources, share them with all readers, and set up TeachingBooks for easy access on appropriate technologies.

Discover the NEW TeachingBooks! (45 minutes)

All the same great resources! A new look! Explore videos filmed in authors' studios, lessons, book trailers, and vocabulary lists. Discover resources that will expand the experience readers have with books. Deepen connections to books while discovering online materials to engage readers, support families, and empower colleagues.

  • Reveal insights with book and author resources
  • Expand accessibility for all audiences
  • Discover new titles that enrich reading
  • Set up for success

January 7, February 19, March 24

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TeachingBooks: Collaborate, Customize, Communicate (45 minutes)

Effectively organize and share as you personalize your TeachingBooks experience. Use the tools and features provided with your license to create collections and lessons connected to standards. Spread the word easily to families, colleagues, and readers in your community.

  • Collaborate effortlessly using sharing tools
  • Customize booklists & lessons to personalize instruction
  • Connect to standards and support literacy goals
  • Communicate access with your community

January 20, February 26, March 31

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TeachingBooks: Set up for Success & Training (45 minutes)

Integrate with learning systems. Support collaboration with colleagues and administrators. Equip your staff with tools and strategies to facilitate use and training. Create a staff development plan using TeachingBooks resources to support literacy outcomes.

  • Connect with your learning management systems, library catalogs, and website
  • Position TeachingBooks for easy access
  • Discover supports for training your staff
  • Introduce TeachingBooks to your community

January 27, March 4, April 7

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