Science Standards Support

Inspired by the Next Generation Science Standards1, the reference points that are bolded below can enhance your science instruction.

Introduce, extend, and communicate science concepts.

Engage learners with resources that connect concepts to real life situations.

Explore the lives, struggles, and successes of scientists.

  • Sift through the intricacies of a scientist's life as author Anita Silvey shares her observations in this written interview:

    "I saw her out there with the chimps, but 50 years of her life were spent in quite a different way. What I knew of her was something that happened very early in her life. In the book, we get a well-rounded picture of her..."
    [excerpted from interview]

Provide authentic exploration and problem solving opportunities.

  • Spark scientific curiousity by sharing one man's journey to discovery in Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline Briggs Martin and Mary Azarian.

    "At 15, he began trying to capture the elusive snow crystals by looking at them under an old microscope and then drawing the beauty and individuality he observed." [excerpted from annotation]

1. Referenced from "DCI Arrangements of the NGSS." Next Generation Science Standards,