TeachingBooks Technology Integrations

Below are directions to activate TeachingBooks within your technology systems.

Set up TeachingBooks as an External Course Material in Canvas with the following LTI credentials:

  1. For any computer, download the free extension from the Chrome Store to integrate TeachingBooks Book Connections into your Google searches.
  2. For Google districts/libraries, administrators who manage Chrome policies from the Google Admin console can automatically install the extension for users in your organization following this guide.

  1. Request the app for Instant Login here: https://schools.clever.com/applications/add/teachingbooks
  2. TeachingBooks will approve the request.
  3. Once approved, set the sharing rules to district-wide for all schools, students, teachers, and administrators so that the TeachingBooks icon appears in their portals for 1-click access**.

**Note: TeachingBooks doesn't store/collect student data
TeachingBooks does not need student rosters. Instead, students receive 1-click anonymous access via the SSO app. If needed, TeachingBooks' privacy policy is at TeachingBooks.net/Policies.

Make TeachingBooks accessible from Destiny with the following two steps:

  1. Add direct access links/buttons to add your library homepages using the codes at TeachingBooks.net/Embed.
  2. Tie TeachingBooks into your Discover tool so that these resources about books and authors are searchable and accessible from Destiny.

Here's a step-by-step pdf guide (TeachingBooks.net/DestinyGuide) and you'll also need the following credentials:

  • Username: *login to view*
  • Password: *login to view*

For additional assistance, please contact Follett Destiny Support.

Phone: 888-511-5114 Select 'Technical Support'
Email: techsupport@follett.com

Stanza for TeachingBooks:

  • Title  TeachingBooks.net
  • URL https://TeachingBooks.net/
  • HJ  www.TeachingBooks.net
  • DJ  TeachingBooks.net

  • Use resources from TeachingBooks in your Google Classroom lessons and assignments via the Sharing Tools.

Email eservices@mackin.com with the following request:

Hello Mackin Team,

We have a license to TeachingBooks. Please setup TeachingBooks in my MackinVIA portal and email our Mackin IDs to TeachingBooks for authentication.

Thank you!

Mackin will migrate TeachingBooks access into your MackinVIA account, and confirm with you when complete.

Email info@opalsinfo.net and cc accounts@teachingbooks.net with the following request:

Hello OPALS Team,

We have a license to TeachingBooks and we would like to have TeachingBooks integrated into OPALS. Can you please assist us with this process?

Thank you!

Setup TeachingBooks as an External Course Material in Schoology with the following LTI credentials.

Email the following to accounts@TeachingBooks.net:

  • Your request to integrate TeachingBooks into SNAP
  • Your contact information

TEkData and/or TeachingBooks will confirm with you when complete.

  • Sign in to Titlewave
  • Look up a title
  • Find TeachingBooks instructional materials on each title page
  • Click on materials and then instantaneously access resources from Titlewave on TeachingBooks


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