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Benefits of a District-wide License
When compared with a single school order

What is TeachingBooks?

What is TeachingBooks?

Greater Community-wide Participation

We�ve found that has a wider impact in communities that embrace the service district-wide. A district-wide license provides this service for everyone in the community to use, enabling all librarians, teachers across a variety of curricular areas, and families to use to support diverse reading activities.

As an equity tool at heart, we hope to create meaningful connections to authors, books, and the creative process behind the world of literature with everyone in an educational community. In an attempt to encourage this level of equity, we offer significantly more affordable district-wide licenses when compared with single school orders.

Ease of Access

For any district-wide license, we can set up IP-authenticated access. IP authentication enables password-free access to from all campus computers.

MARC Records

For any IP-authenticated license, we provide MARC records for Meet-the-Author Programs. Users of your library catalog can then be a single click away from finding multimedia author interviews and additional resources about the authors and illustrators that has interviewed.