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Support Commitment |

Your Success Is Our Priority

New License Deliverables

  • Prompt account set up
  • Smooth and transparent transition from purchase to implementation
  • Phone call - resource overview and planning for training/rollout
  • Webinar training process clearly articulated for implementation
  • Account customization options explained
  • Timely response to inquiries

In order to best meet your needs, please have identified a primary contact, who will determine account setup and receive communication about new features, statistics and account changes.

Ongoing License Supports

  • Consistent communication providing notification of services
  • Prompt response to notification of new primary contacts - allowing continuation of established relationships and communication
  • Prompt responses to content requests and inquiries, meeting you at the point of need
  • Reliable access to current resources and tools
  • Representative contact for support and training needs
  • Aligned professional development
    • Targeted training (specific strategy/resource/feature)
    • Webinars customized for your educational community
    • Webinar of the Month
    • Self-Guided Professional Development Module
    • SLO Evidence/Certificates of Completion/Acknowledgement
  • Monthly usage statistics to inform rate of implementation
  • Monthly Updates highlighting timely, point of need services
  • Access to e-newsletters, social media, and blog content
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