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History & Vision

A Letter from the Founder

Nick GlassI started to give every teacher, librarian, student, and family a chance to see and hear directly from the creators of the very best books for children and young adults. Having hosted hundreds of author programs in my home state of Wisconsin, I experienced firsthand how seeing and hearing an author inherently changes a relationship with the book—both for the student and educator. Coming from an Educational Policy background, I knew there could be a way to give everyone this opportunity.

Now, with the amazing technology of the Internet, we make it simple for you, your colleagues, and your students to get excited about books and reading in new ways. You and all your students and staff can be transported into the homes and studios of the best authors, while accessing exceptional support materials for all your favorite books! Think of the excitement generated when each of you can meet the author of the book the moment you are reading it.

Thanks for your interest in I'd love to hear from you, so we can learn better how to serve your needs and interests.

Nick Glass (800) 596-0710

History was founded upon the premise that educators find enjoyment and professional value in seeing and hearing authors talk about their work. Nick Glass, the founder and principal of, had hosted many author presentations in his previous work—bringing authors to bookstores, schools, libraries, and conferences—and had arranged live author programs for educators over a distance-learning video network. Each author interaction with educators inspired new insights for teaching and sharing books with children—and Nick wanted to give this opportunity to everyone.

In April 2000, the genesis for took form. It debuted at the American Library Association convention in San Francisco in June 2001 and was launched on the Internet September 1, 2001. began selling licenses in November 2003.

Mission & Methods's mission is to generate enthusiasm for books and reading by bringing authors, illustrators, and engaging resources about books for children and teens to every school, library, and home.

From one easy-to-use website, makes instantly available a wealth of multimedia resources on children's and young adult literature. uses online technology to enable authors and illustrators to be seen and heard on demand in every school, library, and home. Our database of tens of thousands of reliable links—professionally vetted and authoritative—makes it intuitive to bring books to life for everyone across the K–12 educational landscape. integrates insights about books throughout all content areas of the school curriculum. With a wealth of resources on children's and young adult literature, helps everyone become knowledgeable and inspired about the world of books.

Educators, students, and families can find materials through our search box, advanced search tools, and instantly sortable tables. TeachingBooks has a variety of methods in addition to searching for delivering author and book resources: