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Coordinator Support Commitment

Your Success Is Our Priority

Initial License Deliverables

  • Prompt account set up
  • Smooth and transparent transition from purchase to implementation
  • Phone call - resource overview and planning for training/rollout
  • Webinar training process clearly articulated for implementation
  • Account customization options explained
  • Timely response to inquiries

In order to best meet your needs, please have identified primary contacts who will determine account setup and receive communication about new features, statistics and account changes.

Ongoing License Supports

  • Consistent communication providing updates, new features, and services
  • Prompt response to notification of new primary contacts - allowing continuation of established relationships and communication
  • Prompt responses to content requests and inquiries, meeting you at the point of need
  • Reliable access to current resources and tools
  • Representative contact for support and training needs
  • Aligned professional development
  • Monthly usage statistics to inform rate of implementation
  • Monthly Updates highlighting timely, point of need services
  • Access to e-newsletters, social media, and blog content

Implementation Strategies

Understanding TeachingBooks Usage Statistics

  • Learn about the type and definition of statistics
  • Request a statistics report
Sharing Tools