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Mary Ellen Graf

Implementation & Training Specialist

Mary Ellen Graf believes the journey is as important as the destination. The route to becoming an implementation and training specialist at TeachingBooks has been adventurous. It began at UW-Madison with an undergraduate degree in communication arts film and video production. From there the path wound through a television studio and several theaters as she worked in theatre production. She had many opportunities to share her love of theatre in educational settings. These theatre education experiences became directional signs leading Mary Ellen to complete a teaching certification and a master of arts in teaching at Cardinal Stritch University. The most recent stop in her travels was a middle school where she taught a variety of content areas. Her love of sharing stories has been a constant theme throughout her career. Bringing books to life through storytelling, theatre, video production and teaching is a passion. Working for TeachingBooks allows her to help others bring books to life in new and different ways.

A memorable book
from Mary Ellen's childhood is
The Phantom Tollbooth.

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