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Tips for a Successful Webinar

To best meet the learning expectations for a scheduled webinar, here are some noteworthy tips.

Pre-Webinar: Collaborate

Work with the TeachingBooks Professional Development Team to identify:

  • Desired outcomes
  • Learning objectives
  • Audience: grade level, content area, level of experience
  • Duration: 15 minutes to 2+ hours

Schedule a technology test before the session — speakers, microphones, projection, etc.

Talk to us:
TeachingBooks Professional Development Team
Kym Davick, Mary Ellen Graf, Sandy Xiong, Deb Ford
phone: (800) 596-0710

During the Webinar: Adjust & Ask Questions

Ask questions and communicate during the session.

  • Confirm that this agenda addresses the needs and expectations of the audience
  • Distribute handouts as appropriate
  • Use the webinar chat box or call us immediately at (800) 596-0710 if:
    • Audio is chopping in and out
    • Video and audio are off sync
    • Technical issues or questions emerge
    • You would like to adjust the session in progress
      • Adjust the pace of presentation
      • Refocus the content of presentation
      • Suggest examples or content for the audience
      • Request additional time to respond to questions

Post Webinar: Document & Reflect

Continue to communicate with the Professional Development Team.

  • Print (or download as a PDF) a Certificate of Attendance
  • Extend learning by reviewing and sharing webinar content using the recording link in your follow up email
  • Respond to the survey soliciting feedback about your learning experience allowing us to serve you better in the future
  • Contact any member of the TeachingBooks PD Team with follow up questions or to explore new content and schedule future webinars
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