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TeachingBooks Webinar Training Options

Start training and build an understanding of the tools and resources available on

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Essential Elements Webinar Series


  • Build understanding and gain strategies to support your use of the tools and resources on with these four 45-minute webinars.
  • Ensure that all attendees have takeaway tools to both set up on appropriate technologies and the interactive tutorial to introduce the site to others.

Introducing TeachingBooks! (45 minutes)

Explore videos filmed in authors' studios, lesson plans, book trailers, and vocabulary lists. Discover resources that will expand the experience readers have with books. Deepen connections to books while discovering online materials to engage readers, support families, and empower colleagues.

  • Reveal insights with book and author resources
  • Expand accessibility for all audiences
  • Discover new titles that enrich reading

January 22, January 29 | Sign up here

Sharing TeachingBooks: Spread the Word (45 minutes)

Get the most out of your license by sharing this dynamic suite of resources with everyone in your reading community including families, colleagues, and readers. Discover tools to promote access and create a plan to use these resources throughout your community.

  • Communicate and collaborate effectively using sharing tools
  • Position TeachingBooks for easy access
  • Inform your community using ready-to-print and ready-to-share materials

February 5, February 12 | Sign up here

TeachingBooks: Training Your Team (45 minutes)

Support site-wide collaboration with colleagues and administrators. Equip your staff with tools and strategies to facilitate training. Create a staff development plan using TeachingBooks resources to support literacy outcomes.

  • Select the tools and strategies that support your needs
  • Plan training sessions with ease
  • Introduce TeachingBooks to your community

February 26, March 5 | Sign up here

Apply TeachingBooks Across the Curriculum (45 minutes)

Enhance instruction, engage learners, and stimulate thinking with ready-to-use digital resources for all subject areas. Strengthen cross-curricular literacy initiatives using examples and best practice strategies. Support content area goals using the resources and tools at TeachingBooks that enrich academic work.

  • Explore Literacy Connections and Instructional Uses
  • Investigate content area & subject searches
  • Explore ready-to-use literacy activities

March 26, April 2 | Sign up here

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