Red Glass

by Laura Resau

Six-year-old Pablo, the lone survivor of a group crossing into the United States... read more

Six-year-old Pablo, the lone survivor of a group crossing into the United States from Mexico, has been living with Sophie, her mother, and her stepfather for almost a year. The thought that he could leave their family terrifies Sophie, but when contact is finally made with Pablo’s relatives, a road trip to Santa María Nuquimi in southern Mexico is planned. Along with her aunt Dika, a Bosnian war refugee, Dika’s boyfriend Mr. Lorenzo, and his teenage son Ángel, Sophie will be accompanying Pablo to his hometown. For Sophie, who has always been able to imagine the worst-case scenario of any situation, traveling through Mexico ignites every fear possible. But her biggest worry by far is that Pablo will choose to stay in Mexico rather than come back home with her. At the same time, the journey becomes one of sweet possibility as she and Ángel grow close. Ángel and his father are continuing on to visit Guatemala, their homeland, on a personal, painful journey, and Sophie begins to worry that he, too, will choose to remain behind. Laura Resau’s exceptionally beautiful story is lyrically written and peopled with memorable characters full of human kindness. Sophie’s journey takes her much farther than she ever expected to go on the map of the Américas, and she travels immeasurable distances within her own heart and mind as well. She is buoyed not only by her wonderful traveling companions, but by the countless acts of kindness, small and large, the she encounters along the way. A girl once full of fear finds courage she never knew she had in an exceptional novel. (Ages 11–15)

© Cooperative Children's Book Center, Univ. of Wisconsin - Madison, 2008

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