The Beauty of the Beast: Poems from the Animal Kingdom

by Jack Prelutsky and Meilo So

Arranged in sections titled "In Trillions We Thrive" (insects), "Jubilant, We Swim"... read more

Arranged in sections titled "In Trillions We Thrive" (insects), "Jubilant, We Swim" (sea creatures), "Dragons in Miniature" (reptiles and amphibians), "Hollow-Boned Singers" (birds), and "Wrapped in Coats of Fur" (mammals), more than 200 poems selected by Jack Prelutsky sing the praises of the non-human inhabitants of our planet. Over 100 poets who view the natural world with keen eyes and genuine appreciation, and who express their observations and feelings in lyrical, exacting language, are featured in this collection. The lovely watercolor illustrations of Meilo So contributes to the beauty and appeal of the large, expressive volume. Her full-color art is lyrical in its own right, with brush strokes that capture essence and detail of the natural world. (Ages 3-11)

© Cooperative Children's Book Center, Univ. of Wisconsin - Madison, 1997

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