Aliens on Vacation

by Clete Barrett Smith and Christian Slade

Scrub’s grandma runs the “Intergalactic Bed-and-Breakfast,” an... read more

Scrub’s grandma runs the “Intergalactic Bed-and-Breakfast,” an inn that caters to science fiction fanatics. At least that’s what Scrub has always been told. When he comes to stay with her for the summer, he goes quickly from embarrassment (“The house was jet black, with huge murals of comets and stars and planets on each side, painted on with what looked like glittery nail polish”) to dismay when he learns her clientele are the real thing—aliens from other galaxies. In fact, her inn has become a universal vacation destination—literally! The sheriff in the small Washington state town where she lives has been getting suspicious about her unusual guests, and Scrub’s grandma is hoping Scrub can help her disguise new arrivals so they better blend in. Scrub deals with the mayhem of his grandma’s business, the mounting threat from the sheriff, and his first crush—on the sheriff’s daughter, no less—in Clete Barrett Smith’s clever, lighthearted offering. (Ages 8–11)

© Cooperative Children's Book Center, Univ. of Wisconsin - Madison, 2012

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