Don't Expect Magic

by Kathy McCullough

Sent to sunny L.A. to live with the dad she hardly knows after her mother’s... read more

Sent to sunny L.A. to live with the dad she hardly knows after her mother’s death, teenage Delaney is eager to get back to New Jersey as soon as she can. Her dad is a famous self-help guru (Dr. Hank), but Delaney long ago gave up wishing he’d show more interest in her life. Delaney and her dad are stumbling through their early days together when she discovers the secret to his fame: He’s a fairy godfather—yes, the kind with a wand. Although her dad is doubtful she’s inherited the gift (fairy godparents are a dying breed) Delaney isn’t sure. In fact, she’s determined to find her own client and earn her wand as quickly as possible so that she can leave L.A. She chooses Flynn, the geeky yearbook editor. Convinced he has a crush on Cadie, the head cheerleader, Delaney gets wrapped up in trying to bring them together. As it turns out, focusing on others’ happiness instead of her own misery is the best thing for Delaney. Author Kathy McCullough blends frothy humor with some welcome substance in a novel that features a developing father-daughter relationship, emerging friendships, a little romance, and one or two twists that may or may not surprise readers. (Ages 11–14)

© Cooperative Children's Book Center, Univ. of Wisconsin - Madison, 2012

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